Arvinder Singh Brara was born in Ferozepur and had most of his schooling in St Joseph’s Acadamy, Dehra Dun and college education in Govt College Chandigarh.He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Panjab Engineering College Chandigarh and did his MBA from the University of Hawaii / East West Center,USA. 

He has worked with DCM of the Shriram Group starting as a senior Management trainee and rising to head the Purchase and Sales Coordination Departments of Usha Sewing Machine Works in Calcutta the then largest sewing machine factory in the World. He has also worked as Commercial Manager of American Universal/Willard India Ltd an Indo-US joint venture before becoming a Director of ABC Consultants and MM Suri and Associates and then  starting his own company Mantec Consultants Pvt Ltd in 1979 which has grown to be the only consulting company in the World to have four diverse divisions namely HRD,Projects, Environment and IT working effectively under one organisation .

He is an established Author having written many books the first published by Prentice Hall ,USA titled “Practical Guide to Managing People”. His latest book ” Building Immunity – 6 steps against Covid and all Viruses” has been published by Amazon and is available on under the book title or Author’s name.

He has is  an active Rotarian having been the President of Rotary Club Of Delhi South. He is an avid  Golfer having won prizes in the senior golfer category.

He is a member of Delhi Kirtan sabha and was the first Sikh to have won the award for excellence from Xerox Corporation while working for Xerox in Honolulu,Hawaii. While doing his MBA in Hawaii and then working in Xerox in Honolulu he was active in organising and participating in weekly Kirtans in Honolulu.

Having lived and worked in Honolulu ,Hawaii for over 3 years and currently associated actively as an Alumni with the University of Hawaii and East West Center he realised   that  there is not a single Gurudwara In the entire State of Hawaii . Therefore he  has started with the support and encouragement by others  the non profit organisartin Guru Nanak Gurudwara Hawaii with a mission to start and run a Gurudwara in Honolulu area of Hawaii with the support of the Sangat in California, Hawaii and other parts of the USA. to serve the local population as well as visitors to Hawaii.and spread the message of goodwill,peace and selfless service to society based on the teachings in Guru Granth Sahib and the Sikh tradition.